Aspirin and bone health: Is there a connection?

Results of a new study looking at falls and fractures among aspirin users are disappointing. For decades, aspirin has been called a wonder drug. It’s easy to see why; It’s a pain reliever. It can bring down a fever. It can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack in people at high risk for […]

Who needs treatment for ocular hypertension?

A long-term study explores risk factors for glaucoma and treatment options for people with high eye pressure. Often described as the silent thief of sight, glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness in the world. High pressure in the eye damages the optic nerve, first stealing peripheral vision (what you see at the […]

The case of the bad placebo

While studies sometimes reach faulty conclusions, researchers can help correct the record. When it comes to clinical research, the most powerful type of study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. But even a well-designed trial can arrive at questionable conclusions. Recent follow-up on a 2019 cardiovascular study dubbed REDUCE-IT is one example that offers a […]

When therapeutic touch isn’t healing

If you’re a trauma survivor or dislike physical touch, health care visits may be hard. Physical touch has long been linked to the healing process of medicine. During physical exams, the laying on of hands — broadly known as therapeutic touch — offers many clues to help health practitioners decide on the best course of […]

Sibling rivalry is normal — but is it helpful or harmful?

What to know and do about sibling rivalry. Sibling rivalry is a remarkably normal feature of family life that can sometimes help to push children to do and be better. But too much squabbling and competition can also be hurtful, and can have lasting effects on how children view themselves and their family relationships. In […]

Does cannabis actually relieve pain — or is something else going on?

Research suggests cannabis and placebo provide similar pain relief, but that may not be the whole story. If you’ve tried one of the various formulations of medical cannabis (marijuana) in hopes of easing your chronic pain, you’re far from alone. Treating pain is by far the most common reason offered by the many millions of […]

Jump-start a healthier New Year with four holiday eating tips

Satisfying strategies to adopt during a season of festive food. Many people wait until January 1st to begin eating healthier. After all, the holidays are full of stress and extra helpings of rich festive foods, so why bother? But banish that negative thought, because this is an ideal time to adopt new habits. "The dietary […]

Holiday arguments brewing? Here’s how to defuse them

Ways to turn tempers down a notch at gatherings. The holidays, as painted by idealists, are hardly the time for disagreements. They’re supposed to be filled with love, laughter, good cheer, and those tiny sparkly lights that make the mood feel festive. Unfortunately, joyous celebration often deteriorates into epic discord when family and friends gather […]

Motorcycle rallies and organ donation: A curious connection

A study finds that accidents at large motorcycle rallies lead to increased organ donations. It’s an old and morbid joke, particularly apt in hospital emergency rooms: What do you call someone on a motorcycle speeding past you on the freeway? An organ donor. It’s not funny, of course. But that sad, dark humor appears to […]

Thinking of trying Dry January? Steps for success

Let’s file this under unsurprising news: many American adults report drinking more since the pandemic began in March 2020, according to a survey on alcohol use in the time of COVID-19. If you’re among them, you might want to start the new year on a healthy note by joining the millions who abstain from alcohol […]